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What are the advantages of wearing a snood as a face covering instead of a mask?

Snoods offer more comfort. Face masks can chafe behind your ears and wearing a winter scarf can make your face feel sweaty. Snoods are made of lightweight, breathable and stretchy material that’s ideal in summer or winter. Snoods are also washable so they’ll last longer than a standard face mask. They are also handy to wear when you go dog walking or taking part in outdoor activities like cycling and rambling, etc., especially when it’s cold.

Silvertown Health Snood Material: A high-quality, multi-position garment made in soft, elastic polyester. It will conform to heads of most shapes and sizes. It’s reusable, easily washable and – because it’s lightweight and breathable – quick to dry.

Standard adult size: One size fits all. Unisex.

Applications: You can wear it as a neck gaiter, a face mask, a mask, a hair band, a hat lining, a wristband, a neck sleeve, etc.

Made in the EU.