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Natural Awake Sensitive Skin Cream – 60ml

Natural Awake Sensitive Skin Cream – 60ml
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An all natural skincare cream developed for sensitive skin. It contains a very high proportion of organic aloe vera, which is ideal for sensitive skin and also has healing properties. This makes the cream beneficial for treating sunburn, mild burns and rashes as well as being suitable for use as an after-sun cream.  
Key ingredients 
Organic aloe vera – Contains around 75 different health-giving nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sterols, antioxidants and amino acids. Aloe vera is said to have anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturising and cooling properties which are ideal for sensitive skin. We use premium organic aloe vera in our formula for purity.   
Sunflower oil – Supplies good levels of the antioxidant vitamin E which helps reduce skin damage. Sunflower oil is an efficient emollient which helps keep skin soft and supple and also supplies essential fatty acids. The essential fatty acids in sunflower oil work to reinforce the skin barrier. 
Sweet almond oil – Rich in the skin vitamins E and A, fatty acids, potassium and zinc, all beneficial properties for skin. It’s also emollient, which is ideal for dry skin. 
Rosewater – A respected natural astringent that is said to help balance the skin’s pH level and reduce skin inflammation. Rosewater is also used in skincare due to its cleansing ability which gives skin a healthy glow.
Beeswax – Acts as a protective but breathable barrier which helps to lock in moisture for soft and supple skin. Beeswax also provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. 
Ideal for:
* Sensitive skin
* After-sun 
* Minor burns and rashes
* Sunburn 
* Acne
Natural Awake was developed with a leading UK skincare formulator who specialises in ‘natural only’ creams that deliver natural skincare that is safety assessed and certified by a UK qualified pharmacist with full audit traceability. 
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