Plant Sterols Capsule Complex - 60 Capsules

A normal balanced cholesterol level in the body is important for general well-being. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of heart disease. Plant sterols have become a popular food supplement to support normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. They have been proven in clinical studies to support cardiovascular health due to their role in supporting healthy cholesterol levels.


How much do I need ? - Taking 800mg of plant sterols every day is proven to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol lowering benefits are shown with daily plant sterols intake of between 1,500mg - 3,000mg. Our plant sterols capsule provides 400mg so taking two plant sterol capsules a day meets the recommended 800mg a day.


Why buy Silvertown Health Plant Sterols Complex?

* It supplies not one but four of the most respected plant sterols: Beta-sitosterol, Brassicasterol, Stigmasterol and Campesterol.
* It comes in a vegetable capsule so it doesn’t have binders, like tablet-based supplements do.
* It’s made in the UK to GMP guidelines.
* It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.





Plant Sterols Complex 400mg: Total Sterol ≥95%; Beta-sitosterol ≥30%; Brassicasterol ≤10%; Stigmasterol ≥12%; Campesterol ≥15%; Other Sterols ≤10%.
Take 2 capsules a day

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Plant Sterols Capsule Complex - 60 Capsules

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