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Mediterranean Super Mix Powder - 300g

Mediterranean Super Mix Powder - 300g
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Mediterranean Super Mix is the first superfoods powder to be based on the Mediterranean diet. It’s perfect as a premium daily nutrient booster as it has a full spectrum of nutrient ingredients associated with the Mediterranean diet in one handy scoop. Just mix in liquids or yoghurt. It works well in blended smoothies to so makes the perfect smoothie powder to add with the rest of your smoothie.

It provides a broad range of natural food state vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, seeds, omega 3, wholegrains, protein, fibre and respected phytonutrients through its multiple nutrient rich blend of respected ingredients.

Mediterranean Super Mix includes:

* Apple – Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.
* Baobab fruit – A natural powerhouse of minerals that also supplies friendly bacteria cultures.
* Beetroot – A unique source of betaine and high in vitamin C.
* Broccoli extract – High in fibre, alkalising nutrients, flavonoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, all beneficial for health.
* Carrot – Rich in beta-carotene, a well-known and respected antioxidant. Also high in vitamins and minerals.
* Montmorency Cherry Freeze Dried – High in antioxidants and potassium. 
* Flaxseed – Rich in micronutrients, omega 3 monounsaturated fatty acids and fibre.
* Goji berries – Contain good levels of essential amino acids, vitamins, iron and antioxidants.
* Grapefruit – Contains phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.
* Orange  – High in natural vitamin c. 
* Oat-bran – High in fibre and seen as beneficial for lowering cholesterol.
* Olive extract – Rich in omega 3 monounsaturated fatty acids and high in phenolic antioxidant.
* Pomegranate Freeze Dried – Supplies punicalagin antioxidants, which are more potent than the antioxidant activity of green tea.
* Redcurrants – Supply vitamins, minerals and fibre.
* Spinach – Contains an excellent spectrum of vitamins and minerals and is high in flavonoids, which act as antioxidants.
* Tomato extract – Supplies a complex of micronutrients and also lycopene, a respected antioxidant.
* Vitamins B5, B6 and B12 – Support normal energy, mental performance and immunity levels.
* Watermelon – Rich in antioxidant lycopene. 

Mediterranean Super Mix is ideal for people who want to maintain good quality nutrient levels from the most respected diet known to man. 

Flavour: Natural Spanish Orange. Tub Size - 300g

Non GM and no artificial flavours.

Use: Stir 1–2 heaped scoops (10–20g) into liquid and blend. Best mixed with fruit juice, vegetable juice or yoghurt. A scoop is included with each tub. Ideal as a smoothie powder to add to the rest of your smoothie for healthy smoothie drinks as well. Upto 30 servings per pot.

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